Water Fitness

Aquatics Fitness at the Auglaize Mercer YMCA

Early Aqua Boot Camp

A deep end 45 minute class for those of you who like to get your day started off with a full body aquatics workout.

Flip the Flab

A 45 minute high intensity swim class to give you a good cardio workout while sculpting your muscles. Must be able to swim with flippers.

Gentle Aqua Stretch

This 45 minute class for older adults looking for increased flexibility and low impact exercise. This class is great for adults with arthritis.


A great 45 minute workout designed to get your muscles toned and your heart pumping! Most of this class takes place in the shallow end but does move to the deep end on occasion.

Senior Aqua

This 45 minute class is a lower impact version of our hydrocise and water works classes. It is designed for older adults who wish to improve stability, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance, all from the shallow end of the pool.

Water Fit

Improve flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, and build muscle during this 45 minute class. Float belts are used to help. This class takes place in the deep end however due to the use of float belts, swimming skills are not necessary.

Water Walking

During this 45 minute class, the pool’s shallow end will be CLOSED for those individuals with balance difficulties so that they may walk in the pool without disruption. This is not an instructor led class.

Water Works

This is a great 45 minute shallow water class the provides an excellent total body workout with minimal joint strain. This class is ideal for those who want a good workout but prefer to stay in the shallow end.